If you have will, you have work.

We help our customers to scale their resources to changing needs. We fulfil our clients shifts both in seasons and in unexpected and changing situations. We develop our procedures and systems constantly, so we can offer the best possible service to our customers. Our customers can focus to their core business when we take care of the scalability of recourses.

The jobs we offer most commonly don’t require degrees, but our employees have the right kind of service attitude. Our employee pool comprises employees with versatile skills and work experience from tire change to food industry and removal business. We serve our clients in both constant and project needs. The most important seasons for us are festive seasons, tire change seasons and summer season.

We promise to our customers quick and quality service. We can react to customers’ needs really quickly and in best situations the employers can start the work on the day of order.  Also, we can prepare and design bigger projects carefully with the client before operation.

We have all the up-to-date systems to manage our employees. Barona is the Finnish market leader in employment services and our direction is to go forward all the time.

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In the best case scenario, we are able to find you the right employee within a day. With the right attitude no challenge is too great.