We offer a fresh approach to improving occupational wellness. Employees selected into the program have the opportunity to relocate for a fixed term to sunny Andalucia, Spain. The included program activities, both in and out of the office, have a holistic impact on employee health and wellness. The costs incurred are low and we have made relocating and living abroad simple. Employees work in Barona´s existing modern offices. We assist your employee and their family with all the arrangements: moving, the paperwork and settling into their life in Spain.

A sojourn in Spain is a welcome change, whether an employee is just starting out or someone with a long career under their belt. It increases the employee’s commitment to you as an employer. The service can also be adapted to support those employees struggling with their work ability. Our wellness program in Spain is a unique employee benefit that brings employees back to your offices refreshed and driven.

Many people dream about living abroad but postpone it as something they will do once they retire.  You can be the employer that makes it possible for your employees to realize that dream in the present.

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