Barona Technologies – digital solutions for better working life

The key of future growth is to focus on technologies. At Barona Technologies, we have more than 40 developers who work with digital services that annually help and support the recruitment and employment of thousands of people. Together with Barona business units we want to provide people and companies new solutions for proficient worklife.

At Barona Technologies we are witnessing the concreate change of working life and our maing goal is to make work and employment as effortless as possible. We work closely with leading tech companies, such as our community member Wunderdog, and our partner, Futurice.

One of the greatest examples of the services we have develop is Jelpp, the digital power behind the +30 000 annual recruitments performed by Barona. It is a next generation recruitment software designed for recruiters by recruiters. Jelpp makes sure that no candidate or customer gets forgotten in the process and it helps us to find hidden talent with it’s inbuilt recruitment-AI. For candidates Jelpp offers a modern and easy application flow, personal job-suggestions and possibility to follow your own applications. For Barona business customers Jelpp is the window to Barona’s talent pool. You can follow your recruitment orders, view and comment candidate presentation on mobile and communicate with your personal recruiter – all GDPR safe off course.

In addition to the services we use in our own operations, we have also created separate commercial services, such as video recruitment tool Recright, peer interpretation service Tulka and financial administration AI solution Aidoin.

Our team is a great mix of software developers, service designers and business expertise. We have a broad perspective on how our solutions affect both people and the society. As digital technologies are the future, we want to create a working environment that offers our personnel diverse possibilities for growth. Moreover, we want to create these possibilities also outside our community, and from this vision was born the Code in the Woods concept, which is a free education program for both junior and senior developers.

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