We are looking for a willingness to learn. Our training programs provide motivated individuals with new skills and provide our clients with new employees equipped with the latest know-how in their field. We offer programs for both individual businesses and specific fields. The program turns the individual´s hidden potential into pioneering skill.

Trainings to prepare participants for their future position are planned together with clients, partners and trainers. In order to ensure high quality, our trainers are the top experts in their field. The goal is for each participant to be employed at the end of the program. We believe that the workplace is the best training ground. This is why participants will immediately get their hands on real tasks.

Train-to-Hire programs are also known as F.E.C., or Further Educated with Companies. The programs are supported by the Finnish government. We work closely with the Finnish Employment and Economic Development Offices and Centers for Economic Development, Administration and the Environment. The service is provided in partnership with Saranen Consulting, which is a part of Barona Group and specializes in F.E.C. trainings.

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